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I finally figure it out... but REALLY painful.

I had total faith and △△△ replaced my faith in her with fear.

So I will pick up the pieces but SAD on her part to do that to someone.

But I have zero hate or anything... I have always been the better person on such things.

Good news. I am NOT happy but, my fear will subside.

Crazy world in which we live. △△△ had such good spirit.

I refused to look at being played by her.











"I am NOT happy but, my fear will subside."

○○○, this is what I wanted to hear. It's great.

Sorry for only this because I must get up at 5:30 a.m, tomorrow but your message will make me sleep peacefully tonight. Thanks.






Could not write because three days stupid work in a raw and went Kamakura last night at Sea Castle(German restaurant) beer party, where my colleague, actually professional jazz musician played trombone.  


Things are not necessarily going right with me right now.

Ups and downs all the time. Perhaps something to do with the season.

I have just finished my blog which I try to make it a step stone for a big jump.

It is about my prediction what will happen in 10 days. If it goes well, I will let you know what it is.






それに対して、Your life will come into good just keep going.続けていれば上手く行くと思う)と逆に励まされました。







My girlfriend of two years, who is 25, dated her ex off-and-on for 5 years, through college (although they attended different schools). Now her ex is back on the scene. My girlfriend is naturally friendly and has always told me she wants to remain friends with her ex. However she is in a secret book club that consists of just him and her -- and of which I am not supposed to know about, but I do. They live in different states so they don't physically meet up, but they are reading the same book and having discussions over the phone with "wine and pajama pants." She claims I am her true love and there's nothing to worry about, but she keeps me in the dark (or so she thinks) about her interactions with him, and I'm feeling like something's wrong. Am I right? Do you have any advice for helping me deal with this and saving my relationship?







Once you’ve been clear with her about what you want (not always the easiest task), then she has the option to address your needs or ignore them. If she is not able to let go of her ex-boyfriend in a way that makes you feel comfortable (no secret book clubs), then you, my friend, have to face the fact that he is going to be in your life, as long as she is. And it doesn't sound like that is what you want.


If you can’t deal with him in your life in this way – and there is nothing wrong with your not wanting him around (who would?) – after all, he’s not her ex-husband, her brother or some other family or ex-family member – then you have to move on. And that means it is over. Once you do move on, she may realize she's made a mistake and drop him. She may come back to you after she's dropped him and ask for a second chance, and you then have the option to give it another shot, which I would recommend. Or she may not be ready to drop him, and she'll either realize it's him she wants after all -- or she's just not ready to commit fully to anyone right now, and she was using him to keep from being truly intimate with you.



Secrecy Can Feel Like Betrayal:



If you do stay together -- either with him in her (your) life or without him, there is still the problem of secrecy. What is most troubling in your letter is that you seem to imply that there is secrecy going on with both you and her. You say that she has a “secret book club” that you’re not supposed to know about but you do -- and you don't tell her you know. In other words, she is keeping her forays with her ex-boyfriend secret from you and you are keeping the fact that you know about them secret from her. You’re both in a bad dynamic, and unless one or the other of you snaps out of it, you’re going to go into a spiral of deception and betrayal. If she’s keeping this one secret from you, there may be others. And if you're keeping this one from her, you may be keeping other ones from her that you're not even aware of!

My advice is to have a serious talk with her where you get everything out on the table. Let her know what you know and how you feel -- and what you want. Then listen. Listen really hard. Find out if she is the kind of person who is going to put her need to have her friends around her even if they make you uncomfortable ahead of her intimacy with you. Remember, this guy is not her parent, her sibling or her child -- all those people you have to make compromises for if you're going to be serious with her, but an ex-boyfriend is a completely different level of relationship that falls below family.  If she thinks that she will not be able to drop her ex as a friend, then it’s probably time for you to move on and not waste any more time with someone who is not compatible with you.







My husband, a lawyer, works long days and is in the office more often than not. In the last year, the firm has hired a new receptionist. She is a nice woman, don't get me wrong, but I feel the professional boundaries between her and my husband are being blurred. I don't suspect any physical infidelity, but with the long hours he puts in, I feel he is developing an emotional relationship that seems a lot like an affair to me. Just because they are not having sex does not make it inappropriate. Am I being overly paranoid or are these occurrences more often than not? Do you have any advice for how I can understand emotional relationship infidelity?





子供の時両親に、甘えるな、他人のせいにするな、と言われた人も多いと思いますが、大人になってみて学校でも仕事場でも、同じ事を言われていると思ったことありませんか? また、親になればなったで、先輩になればなったで、自分が何時かどこかで言われたことを相手に繰り返していると思いませんか?



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